Sofia Hultin

Lesbian sing-a-long 2014

Dear lesbians in Gothenburg,

My name is Sofia Hultin and I’m an artist. During the last year I’ve been working with my project I’m Every Lesbian - a project about lesbian history writing in, so far, Tirana, Belgrad, Norrköping and Malmö.

Anyway. During my work in Malmö I stumbled upon a pretty big collection of song lyrics from the 70ies and 80ies - lesbian anthems and camp fire songs sung by the lesbian movement at the time at gatherings, camps, parties and ”feminars” arranged in the lesbian communes. Browsing through the songs I realized that I knew very few of them. I’ve never heard them live and only a few of them are actually recorded.

Here is what I would like us to do. I would like to invite you to a lesbian sing-a-long evening at Playan at Frihamnen on september 13th where we together sing as many of these songs as we can, but also songs that are older and younger than that. I would like both you who were there back in the days but also us who are both older and younger to come. And because there are barbecues I thought that we could also share a meal. We also have an absolutely amazing house band with lesbian musicians from several generations to help us make the evening even more magical. If you would like to be a part of it - email There is always room for more instruments!

So - I really hope that you can come to sing, play, talk, eat and to bring our lesbian cultural heritage to life.


The sing-a-long is a part of Acéphale’s project Fantasin till makten and Lesbisk Makt project En lesbisk plats and also a collaboration with MYCKET.

Practical stuff:

* Register to This is so that we will know how much food to get. The food will be free of charge and vegan/vegetarian.
* If you have a lesbian song that you would like to see in the sing-a-long booklet - email it to och bring it on the 13th.
* The evening is a separatist event - this means that you who have or wish to have lesbian experiences are very welcomed.


The absolutely amazing lesbian house band consisted of:

Electric guitar: Marie Hagberg (Kvinnoväsen)
Drumset: Ebba Wigren (ill wicker, Sallyswag)
Violin: Emma Lagerberg (Lyset i forsen and ill wicker)
Accordion: Larisa Ljungkrona (AWILAS,Tranotra, Holmes, Skavlan/Ljungkrona) Song: Pia Goldman (artist, film maker, mma athlet)
Base: Kajsa Poidnak (Pfemme, Rome is not a town)
Saxofon/piano: Kristin Rosendahl (Skrammel)

Download the sing-a-long booklet here >>>

Thank you everyone that made this wonderful evening possible!

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