Sofia Hultin


Disco 3:52 min

Performance at Konstfack

English translation:

Hello my name is Sofia Hultin and I thought that I'd tell you about why I started to make performance art.

The images I will show are all the singles from the album Absolute music 22.

When I was 14 years old I was at a school disco. I was there with my friends that I hung out with then. It was not the people that I really wanted to hang out with. We had kind of just ended up together. The people that I really wanted to hang out with were also at this disco. They seemed so cool and interesting. Especially this one girl called Johanna.

Anyway. As I stood there, looking longingly at this cool group of people, I was suddenly struck by this immense feeling of frustration. I felt like if something didn't happen, I would die.

So, and this was not in any way planned, I started to walk towards this group of people and just as I was going to pass Johanna I pretended to faint.

Everything stopped. The music was turned off and someone turned on the lights. Everyone gathered around me. I could hear everyones worried, but also kind of exited voices. Something had finally happened.

I had never fainted before, nor seen anyone else faint, so I didn't really know for how long I was supposed to lay there, but it was probably a bit too long. As I "woke up" I said something like "Where am I?" and Johanna helped me to get up. Someone had called my dad and Johanna followed me outside to wait for him. We sat and talked until my dad picked me up and that was really the end of that night. But the important thing with this story is that after that day I got to know Johanna and her friends. And everything really turned out just as I wanted it to.



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