Sofia Hultin

I Sofia Hultin: A Matter of Time,
Solo exhibition at Konsthall C, Stockholm 7.10 2017—19.11 2017

A Matter of Time presents three new works by Sofia Hultin combining science-fiction, history and fantasy to explore a queer perspective on future by looking back and forward at the same time.

Central to the notion of ‘time’ addressed in Hultin’s works are the science-fiction writer Octavia Butler, philosopher Zygmunt Bauman and scientist, futurist and transhumanist Martine Rothblatt. Futurism allows Hultin to propose situations in which a variety of bodies take space and address relationships, social justice, politics, religion, friendship, all in one story. The social anxiety of today has been described by Butler 30 years ago. In Butler’s prognosis, humans survive through an intricate logic of interdependence, an approach addressed through the videos Our Hopes Up and Before We Were.

The three new works span not only personal themes of identity and self–determination in the LGBTQI community, but also persistent concerns of utopias and dystopias, as well as universal preoccupations with time and the fear of change which creates an opening for retrograde politics. Literary scholar Svetlana Boym called the ‘nostalgia epidemic’, a condition cited by Zygmunt Bauman and which is now ‘palpably felt at every level of social cohabitation’. 

The emergent ‘retrotopian’ phase and the ‘nostalgia epidemic’ is addressed also through a speculative walk inspired by the neighborhood of Hökarängen, speaks to a number of marginalized groups and proposes a collective and necessary movement forward. The walk can be experienced starting from Konsthall C through an app on a smartphone. 

In connection to the exhibition at Konsthall C, Sofia Hultin will lead a workshop in Chisinau, Moldova as a follow-up to their continuous work I’m Every Lesbian.



Trailer for Segern i förskott/Our hopes up presented at Konsthall C, Stockholm 7 October - 19 November